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Aliaksandr Bondar / Technical Director
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Andrey Voytishin / Art Director
Andrey Lazaridi / Producer

TMALL Statue Garden

The episode of brand movie created for chinese retailer TMALL. Our team took on the task of designing a fairy garden with magical statues. It was a complex project, involving 3D work to craft a dreamy flower garden with eye-catching architectural elements, as well as VFX part with onset materials implemented. As a result, we presented a short story about the magic that's always around us!
CGI & VFX Breakdown
Client: Juice
CGI & VFX Post-Production: Resight

Director: Zou Fei
Art Director: Andrey Voytishin
CG Supervisors: Aliaksandr Bondar, Andrey Voytishin
Producer: Andrey Lazaridi

Modelling and Assets: Aliaksandr Bondar, Dmitry Lazarchuk, Dmitry Mezit
Animation: Aliaksandr Bondar
Character Setup: Ivan Karpovich
Character Animation: Ivan Karpovich
Texturing: Andrey Voytishin, Aliaksandr Bondar, Dmitry Lazarchuk
Shading, Lighting, Compositing: Andrey Voytishin