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Aliaksandr Bondar / Technical Director
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Andrey Voytishin / Art Director
Andrey Lazaridi / Producer

New Balance 1080v12 - Commercial / Resight's cut

The commercial takes viewers on a captivating journey, immersing them in a dynamic and visually stunning world that reflects the energy and fluidity of running.
Client: New Balance
Agency: Onomoto
Production: Resight

Director: Joel Rieger
Art Director: Andrey Voytishin
Producers: Andrey Lazaridi, Sophia Karallus
CG Supervisor: Aliaksandr Bondar

Concepts: Andrey Voytishin, Onomoto
Modelling: Aliaksandr Bondar, Dmitry Lazarchuk,
Animation: Andrey Voytishin, Aliaksandr Bondar, Onomoto
Texturing: Andrey Voytishin, Aliaksandr Bondar
Shading, Lighting, Compositing: Andrey Voytishin